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WOFAN Group of SchoolPARENTS/CAREER GIVERS & WOFAN  STAFF Play the central role in protecting their children from harm. The school is required to consider the safety of the pupil and should a concern arise, professional advice shall be sought prior to contacting parents. Read More


OUR VALUES-We believe that:

Ø  Every child brings valuable experience and strength to our school and we build on this by adding value to existing curriculum that is stimulating, accessible, challenging and differentiated to meet the needs of all children.

Our System encourages smooth transition where the child learns self discipline through activities that help them in positive and decision making We also have computer training for all classes of children from Basic to Advance Computer Skills. Women and youths can also learn computer skills. Hurry and register your child at WOFAN Group of schools where Discipline & Self Reliance backed up with Islamic Knowledge is our goal



WOFAN Sch/ Responsibility

WOFAN Group of SchoolSCHOOL RULES & RESPONSIBILITIESThe School Management shall encourage staff and members to: a)       Always be kind, honest, helpful, polite and respectful to othersRead More


 As a community, WOFAN Group of school aspires to:

Ø   Promote self-discipline, understanding, empathy, co-operation, perseverance and independence.

Ø   Encourage a culture of high standards, achievements and expectations and aim to develop the full potential of every individual.

Ø  Provide an open, stimulating environment in which every child feels safe, valued and happy.

Ø  Encourage parents and the wider community to take an active interest in the education of all of our children and to feel an ownership of their school.

At WOFAN Group of Schools Pupils study Qur'an, Mathematics, Language arts, sciences, social studkies, home economics, Agric, Arts, Islamic Religious studies, arts, computer skills etc. The teaching is in line with 21st century practices and international standards.


Activities of Islamiyyah Pupils in Pictures

Pupil OS ISLAMIYYAHPictures of the activities of Islamiyyah Pupils. View Pictures

School Pupils during break

play groupView School Children at play during break View Pictures

Play Group During Exam

play groupPictures of Play Group Class during Exam View Pictures

Class Learning Computer

"PupilPictures of Primary Class Learning Computer in the Computer Lab. View Pictures

School Pupils during Exam

Pupil conducting exampictures of School Pupils in one of the examination. View Pictures

Children during break

play groupPlay Group/Nursery Pictures during break. View Pictures


WOFAN Group of SchoolOUR PLAYGOUND  RULES The pupils are encouraged to: Avoid the act of bullying one another. The school is a bully free zone

(b)     Have fun and play fairly and carefully. We don’t push and shove.Read More

WOFAN Primary / Policies

WOFAN Group of SchoolSCHOOL POLICIESAt WOFAN Group of Schools, we are committed to equal opportunities in learning and employment for all members of our school community and those receiving services from the school. We promote inclusion and equality and strive to challenge discrimination in all formsRead More

WOFAN Schools Guarantee Success



Our Goal: is to have an inclusive, aspirational learning environment where children, families, staff, governing board and the wider community learn together in an atmosphere of co-operation and tolerance.

The objectives of the school are:

a)       To create an inclusive culture of achievement, high standards and high expectations.

b)       To promote moral, social and cultural development of all of our children and inculcate the culture of self discipline and self reliance.

c)       To enable all children to use language and mathematics effectively.

d)       To work in partnership with parents/caregivers and our immediate and wider community for the greater benefit of all children’s education.

e)       To empower every child to fulfil his/her potential.

With a lot of  books the school's library provides vast academic and recreational resources for both the children and parents as well.

vertexThe School you can trust. The children learn Arabic and English Language arts and communication skills, they develop relationships with their peers and teachers, they learn about their environment


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